In this day and age, parents have a vast variety of options when it comes to how and where they want their children educated. To name a few, there is public school, private school and home schooling. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Parents have the right to choose whichever they prefer depending on their lifestyles and beliefs. Public school is an education system that also teaches sharing and learning together, showing respect for others and following rules at all times. This system is on a time basis, with children going from one class to the other in a timely fashion every hour. This system also has disadvantages, such as there being a child who absolutely cannot or will not learn to get along with others, will not listen to his or her elders or follow the rules. There are also those who cannot learn as fast as others and need to be held back or taught by teachers who specialize in those needs. Students who are unruly and disobedient can be disciplined in several ways, such as spankings to expulsion. Attendance is mandatory if enrolled in this school system or it can result in the parents receiving a fine or worse. Private schools are a bit more tame. The classes are smaller and there are not as many teachers. The child is more apt to have one-on-one time with the teacher if necessary. These are more expensive than the public schools, but there are parents who feel the extra cost is worth it. Then there are those who choose home schooling.


This way of education requires the parent and the child to have a lot of self-discipline; never give up and never give into the temptation to slack off or skip days here and there. This gives a child full attention and the time he or she needs to learn about a subject before moving on. By law, varying from state to state, requiring parents to set up a schedule for the child to take and to make sure that child is learning on his or her level. Regular testing can show what the child is learning and how well. All education systems have their ups and downs. Choosing the right one for a child is difficult and must be met with focus and devotion. Research and discussing the matter with other parents can be helpful in choosing. Every child deserves a proper education no matter where it comes from. (Have a question? Email