Well, here we go again, playing with words. We - I - had been told that Brazos River Authority requires a dam inspection when an earthquakes is reported within 50 miles of Possum Kingdom Lake. Someone who should know related that tidbit. Posted it on Facebook, Metroplex stations picked it up - very comfortable with the information. Judi Pierce, BRA information officer, says that is wrong. BRA does not have a requirement to inspect the dam except in certain instances. It's an "internal policy," she says, that determines the need for an inspection. So the question is, does internal policy translate to a requirement, or not? In other words, if the BRA Board of Directors passes a policy (not necessarily this one, but any) does that mean there is no "requirement" to follow that policy? If CEO Phil Ford initiates an internal policy, does that mean no one is "required" to follow it? It comes down to semantics and BRA officials like to play word games, whether in water requests or "policy." To us, a policy, whether exerted externally or internally, is a requirement, one that employees and management must follow - a "requirement." When we're wrong, we say so. We think we are correct this time, especially considering that the "internal policy" has "required" four dam inspections since Nov. 25.