Everybody in every family in every part of the world has pictures of their loved ones. Maybe the pictures are of a special event - birthday, wedding or graduation. Pictures are a moment in time, a memory of a time past. They provide a chance for older generations to walk down memory lane and share that history with the younger generations. No matter who took the pictures, someone will want a copy to share because they are sentimental and irreplaceable. There are several ways to share pictures. They can be uploaded and emailed. They can be uploaded onto a disk or a flash drive so that all the receiver of the disk has to do is insert it into the computer and follow the prompts. Pictures can be shared on various websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They can also be shared the old-fashioned way - copied and mailed in an envelope that bears the warning "Do Not Bend!" I think the most annoying part of sharing photos is not knowing who the people are in the photo. I could take a picture of my grandfather and his grandfather and never know who was who. Labeling the pictures with names and dates, if at all possible, is very important for younger generations to piece together the family tree. For those photo bogarts who like to keep all the photos for themselves, there's no time like the present to break out those pictures and spread them throughout the family. It could lead to some great story tellings. Share and enjoy. (Have a question? Email michellerhodes72@gmail.com)