As we get older, we can only hope we get a little wiser, hopefully through observation but oftentimes through experience. Unfortunately, sometimes along with age comes forgetfulness. It's not all bad, just think about all the new things that can be learned again. Over the years I have come up with a few observations for whatever they're worth. I seem to recall that in my younger days, people said the mind was the first thing to go. I always thought it was the second thing that went first - I just can't remember what that was. One of my favorite observations, "You can lead 'em to water, but you can't drown 'em." A meeting of politicians and political appointees is a lot like watching an old man with no teeth chew tough meat. They wallow it around, eyes glaze somewhat, wallow it some more and try to make it where it can be swallowed. Sometimes they just spit it out - but it's a long process. From Jerry Reed, "I'm not too old to cut the mustard, just too tired to spread it around." A man knows he's getting old when someone "over the hill" is too young. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.