A New Year's resolution is a promise, so to speak, that people make to themselves at the beginning of the year. The promise is to make changes in one's life, something to make the new year better than the last one. Some peoples resolutions may be to quit smoking, get a better job or lose weight. They could make the promise to be better spouses or parents. For whatever changes folks needs to make, they make the resolution to make those changes. But do people keep their resolutions or is it easier to just break the promise and move on? These resolutions sound great and may take effect right away, but making them last and carrying through with them is the hard part. Sticking to the promise is harder than it seems. It's like getting a new puppy. At first it's fun and enjoyable, but then the everyday monotony of feeding, watering and walking the puppy doesn't seem fun anymore and it gets boring and too easy to just slack off. Same with resolutions. They start out fun and exciting but the thrill doesn't last long and then it's just too easy to give up and move on to something else. Whether it be a new year or not, if one needs to make changes in his or her life, only that person can make that happen. They should make themselves a promise to do this or do that and stick to it. It may be easier to share with others the changes that need to be made so they have a support group. It's always easier to hang in there and get it done if encouraged and given praises.


So, to those who want to make a New Year's resolution, do it. Make that promise and, no matter what, make that change - stick to it. It will be worth it in the end. Good luck. (Have a question? Email michellerhodes72@gmail.com)