With the dawn of a new year, what lies ahead? We hate to make predictions, but there are some things that it doesn't take a prophet to foretell. Probably high on the list is rain. If the drought continues, the lake levels will drop lower and lower creating a severe crisis. It takes water to survive. Here at PK Lake, lake levels have quite an effect on just about all facets of life. With low water levels, tourism will drop off. It has been a tough few years at PK with golden algae and fires. Now, with low water, it is yet another challenge for businesses and residents alike. Add to the mix the impending sale of commercial leases and the business atmosphere is a challenge, to say the least. We have seen a number of businesses come and go, Without a doubt, thee will be others. The other threat from lack of rain is - heaven help us - fire. We have seen what it can do, The threat is real, not just at PK but throughout the county. When will the commercial leases be offered for sale? It can't happen until FERC releases the license. When will that be? Hopefully, soon. That surrender also means property owners will have title to the 25-foot set back. The good news is, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality put some brakes to the Brazos River Authority's request for more water. While it isn't stopped, it gives some time to reevaluate the request from all sides. There is little doubt we oppose the apparent unregulated license BRA officials are requesting. But we also realize that water demand downstream will increase and those needs will need to be met.


What's the answer? The face of PK has changed significantly over the past decade and this year will see further changes. We have to adapt and adjust and while fighting to retain the past, keep in mind that the future, with its inevitable changes, is barreling toward us.