Gotta love the mother who has her children's best interests at heart, no matter how old they get, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Praises for the mothers who have always been there for their children, sacrificed whatever it took to make a good life for them and provided them with all the essential tools to have a successful life. But what happens when it goes too far, when the mother is constantly badgering and trying to control their children's every move even though their children are grown with families of their own? Where is the line between being a concerned parent and just downright annoying? For those who have mothers that call 10 times a day, constantly criticizing, always giving their unasked-for opinion or advice, here's a few things that may help to deal in with the situation. Always keep in mind that mothers who love their children have probably always had one main goal in mind; to do whatever it takes to make sure their children had a better life than what they had growing up. This takes sacrifice, hard work, blood, sweat and tears. That's a hard routine to break when the children grow up and move out. It's hard for mothers to go from being needed every hour of every day to not being needed at all. It's heartbreaking. So when the mother calls or meddles, try to think what she has been through and what she may be trying to obtain again, a sense of being needed. If the meddling mother gets to the point where it is just overbearing and annoying, her children could sit down with her and explain to her that, even though they no longer live at home, she is still loved and needed, just in different ways now.


They could let her know that, although her advice and opinions are appreciated, it would be nice to hold that thought until asked for. No one likes to be told what to do and when to do it, especially an adult child by his or her mother. Set boundaries between the mother and her grown children. For those who have mothers who show up unannounced at any given time, explain to her that it would appreciated if she called first just in case other plans were made. For those who have mothers who call several times a day, explain to her that talking on the phone all day, everyday, is not possible due to work schedules, home life, plans and so on. Then set time aside a couple times a week to call and catch up with mom and her life. If all else fails and the meddling mother is worse than ever, the grown children could move away, change their phone number and address. Just kidding, besides that never works because mothers are like bird dogs. You can run but you can't hide. On a more serious note, mothers who meddle aren't usually trying to be annoying or in the way, they are trying to be there for their children and give support and wisdom. Sometimes they may go overboard without meaning to, so be their for mothers and remember that they love their children and want only the best for them. (Have a question? Email