One never knows the true effect his or her life has on others. It is something that's often overlooked as people go about their daily lives, working, interacting with others and living their lives by whatever moral code they may have. In the final analysis, life is about people, work is about people and all a person does is reflected back to them by people. Life is a struggle, a struggle to cope with the trials and tribulations from which no one is immune. The good times are easy to handle, the true test comes when bad things happen. One's handling of trouble, the treatment of others, striving to be one's best and respect given to the people one encounters can leave a lasting impression - in more ways than one. Perhaps the greatest compliment a person can receive is, "I looked up to you" or "You were my role model." What an awesome and humbling thing to hear, to know that one's demeanor, talent, consideration, courage and morals were an inspiration to someone else. It is also somewhat scary in that it makes one look more closely into oneself and consider more closely those things one does. No one is perfect, but to conduct oneself in an honorable manner, one that sets an example and one that sets a standard - not just meets one - is the secret to a successful life, regardless of one's station in life