Shock and awe - remember that phrase from the invasion of Iraq? It's a military tactic that unsettles the mind and body, sending its victims into a mindless world of fear, the mind and body so traumatized by the constant barrage of pounding explosions that those victims would do anything for it to stop, even surrender, to once again know the peace of silence. One can't help but wonder if some of that same tactic is used by former members of the military to unsettle residents at Possum Kingdom Lake. A constant barrage of changes, reviews, requirements, studies, restrictions and more. The barrage has been so fierce over the last 15 years, that, after awhile, people just want it to stop. But they can't, for once they surrender they are at the mercy of whatever comes. It drains the spirit, it drains resources and it drives people away, far removed from the beautiful lake that once was a haven for rest and peace. Is it a calculated assault? Not likely, but the effects are just as stressful. Will it ever end? Who can say what is coming next? And while we mention BRA, it is but an example. Keep in mind that there is shock and awe from another direction as well - Washington, D.C. The Affordable Care Act, regulations, an "entitlement" nation, foreign policy, immigration, border security and so much more. Bottom line? We can't give up, cannot surrender. "We the people" must continue to voice our opinions and yell into that empty, deaf barrel called Congress. But above all, we must choose wisely at the polls.