Apathy, that's what concerns a number of candidates for this primary election. Most folks don't get too excited about a primary election. We suppose there are a couple of reasons. Too often people feel as if their vote doesn't matter, after all it's just one among hundreds or thousands. And, there is the ever looming election - primaries in March, local elections in May and general elections in November. But the primary election this year will offer a change in leadership in the state. New candidates for governor and attorney general among them. Those will have a serious impact on the course the state takes. And while the major media outlets are predicting this candidate and that one as the presumed winners, it may not be so clear cut if voter apathy rears its ugly head. People staying away in droves because their one measly vote doesn't count for much or because the races are already decided or because their favorite is a shoo-in or because they just don't care. Whatever the reason, we've seen it here at home, too. People just aren't interested in taking the time to stop by the polling place and cast a ballot. Let's just say that State Rep. Jim Keffer's opponent carries Granbury and a few other places while folks here decide it's not a problem for Keffer, he'll win. And suppose he doesn't. Care to guess what impact that will have on Possum Kingdom Lake and Palo Pinto County? Cullen Crisp claims to be a small-business owner. We've been told, unconfirmed but reliable sources, he was or is a personal injury lawyer - that's not part of his biography on his website.


We are also told his campaign is funded by a fella out of Midland who funds several campaigns for TEA Party candidates. Crisp has not bothered to appear at any of the Palo Pinto County Republican Party functions, but his supporters have sent postcards urging voters to ask for mail-in ballots. Keffer is committed to our county and has worked with people at PK Lake and with the Brazos River Authority to make property ownership a reality at PK - not once, but twice. He visits, he speaks to those who are interested and he listens. Is he in jeopardy for the work he has done" Not from anyone at PK. But there is always the potential that an outsider could sidetrack a true friend of Palo Pinto County. So, there's still time to cast early ballots and there are short lines. Understand the candidates and their positions, read, listen or surf the Web. Go, make a decision, make a choice. Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, left or right, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is exercising that right and helping form the future of Texas and the nation.