The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” can be taken literally or otherwise.
Most people hear that and automatically assume it’s being said about another person, meaning that a person may appear one way but turns out to be totally different.
A seemingly nice person can be surprisingly deceitful and manipulative, while someone who comes off as mean and hateful may just be putting on a front to look cool or to appear intimidating, when in all actuality that person may turn out to be the sweetest, most caring person ever.
There can be many reasons a person hides his or her true self from others. It could be to hide abuse and the person could be too embarrassed to seek help, It’s easier for them to act tough and make others believe that they are scary and not to be messed with. It may be to fit in and get others to like them. This leads to drinking, smoking and other activities that person is not at all comfortable with but wants to be accepted so by following the lead of others.
It’s always best to get to know someone, spend time with together, know the real person before deciding if that is someone that is friendship or relationship material. It may take time, but eventually everyone shows who that person really is.
I take the term literally. I have a collection of several hundred books. Some of them have blank covers, some have peculiar designs, while others have people posing on the cover. I used to be the type of person who would look at the cover and, if I didn’t like it, I would immediately toss the book aside and not think twice about it.


That was a very long time ago.
Now, whether the cover interests me or not, I read it. I have found some excellent books that I otherwise would have ignored, and, therefore, forfeiting the chance to read something amazing and wonderful. The same goes for people. If someone sees a person who doesn’t interest them and disregards that person without getting to know him or her, the chance to meet someone who ends up being amazing and wonderful is lost.
Whether it be about picking out a book or picking out a potential friend, don’t judge a book by its cover. Get to know them, learn about them, see who they really are. The discoveries and surprises are endless and just may be the best thing to ever happen.    
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