The phrase we finally settled on was “cautiously optimistic.”
With the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission solidly in the rear-view mirror, one can breath a sigh of relief that at least a federal bureaucracy has gone by the wayside. However, the effects will remain for property owners and so-to-be property owners for years to come.
Deed restrictions and covenants will last beyond many of our lifetimes, a legacy for children and grandchildren — perhaps even great-grandchildren.
Are those restrictions all bad? No, not necessarily.
The specific ones are the ban on building new structures in that 25-foot setback that was once controlled by FERC. While it would be nice to have a dock or deck at water’s edge, once can only imagine what some other structures could be. So maintaining the beauty of the shoreline of Possum Kingdom Lake is not a bad thing.
The potential now exists for business owners to purchase their leases. And those residential leaseholds that were in the FERC zone will transfer.
The caution enters in when one considers there is one less governing body looking over BRA’s shoulder. We don’t see a lot of immediate change in the future, but then, much like lake water, the crystal ball is a little murky.
But, there can be no doubt, water is the next great battleground in Texas.


So it will pay to be vigilant since the future of Possum Kingdom Lake, Palo Pinto County and, indeed, all of Texas is dependent on the wise use and conservation of this priceless resource.
In light of that, we remain cautiously optimistic.