Spring storms are starting.
Whether or not there will be rain at Possum Kingdom Lake is yet to be seen, but rain on the watershed is always good.
Storms that passed north Tuesday evening offered some hope that the lake level could rise. It will depend, of course, on water demands downstream. An inflow of water at PK will likely mean at least some being passed through.
The folks at Lake Granbury are suffering just as those here are. A lady called the other day and said she walks under her boat lift and wonders where the water is.
Everyone wants to blame the Brazos River Authority, elected officials and anyone else they can find. While BRA officials have pulled some questionable acts over the years, this is not their fault. Texas is in a drought and no amount of complaining to BRA, legislators or state officials will change it. What will is rain.
It’s not the first drought and it won’t be the last … there will be more in the years to come, whether through global warming, as many tout, or through the natural cycle of the earth. Either way, we mortals have little control on the rainfall.
What we do have control over is the use of what is available. Conservation is critical, particularly at his time. There are those who might say their little piddling amount wouldn’t make a difference — but it does.
The deal is, everyone has to participate to make a difference.


Those who spend thousands on landscaping might feel it’s cheaper to pay a penalty than to lose that landscaping.
A month or more of conservation could be wasted in a weekend. We’ve seen that happen, too.
It’s a community effort. The water police will not be monitoring how many showers a person takes or whether or not a person washes a full load of clothes. But the meter will tell the tale. And it could get costly.
PK is now under Stage 2 and Mineral Wells has gone to Stage III which affects all its customers, including Graford.
All across North Texas there are stories of lakes drying up and water shortages. That’s not the fault of elected officials or water departments or river authorities.
It’s something everyone will have to suffer through.
The rains will come, they always have — and it will be an old-fashioned gully washer that will once more provide one of the greatest necessities of life.
In the meantime, let’s keep our wits about us, work together and get through this.