It’s really too bad the sandy shores of Possum Kingdom Lake cannot be turned to some advantage, even the rocky areas.
For example, Sandy Beach, North D&D, Bug Beach and some of Scenic Cove have lots of sand. What a great place to have a sand sculpture contest. Charge an entry fee, prizes could be awarded in several categories and there might even be a way for Brazos River Authority to make a little, after all, it’s their sand.
How about a rock skipping contest? Put a ring buoy out a ways, rocks must skip so many times and go in the buoy. So many tries for a few dollars. Those who make it in the buoy continue with the buoy further away until, finally, there is a winner — the last “man” standing.
There’s a side benefit, too. Enough rocks in the lake and the lake level might rise — but probably not.
In this drought we need to think outside the box to continue to have businesses that thrive, something to attract visitors. While these two ideas are somewhat over the top, the idea to think creatively can help everyone through this trying time.
Rain will come, until then let’s figure out a way to make life better at PK.