The deeper one digs, the stranger this whole deal gets — Granbury property owners’ request to the Brazos River Authority for more water and a guaranteed lake level.
For example, in July 2011, the Granbury City Council held a special meeting. Part of that meeting was to consider a city manager. But part of that meeting was to request permission from BRA to sell 15,500 acre-feet of water to Dow Chemical.
Mayor Rickie Pratt briefed the council on the sale. In the minutes of that meeting, he revealed that the city only uses about 200-3000 acre-feet of water, therefore leaving the city with an excess of raw water. He proposed selling that excess to Dow Chemical, on the Gulf, for $70 per acre-foot — a revenue to the city of just over $1 million.
Judi Pierce, BRA information officer, confirmed Granbury was given permission to sell that water. It was not a continuing operation, in other words, the 15,500 was approved and that was it.
So, now comes folks from Granbury wanting more water for a “constant-level lake.”
We understand their frustration at having no water at their lake-front properties. We have the same problem at Possum Kingdom Lake. But if the Granbury City Council has so little regard for its property owners, why should PK Lake be tapped to do what their local government has no desire to do?
Granted, the sale was three years ago, and, granted, it was a one-time shot.


However, who is to say that in another three years, the Granbury City Council won’t make a similar request? And, guess where the water would originate if their heart’s desire is met?
And, according to reports, one of the folks who wanted to sell the water is now advocating for more water for their lake.
No, this is too much. Perhaps we’re reading too much into all this, but something is not right here.
We have yet to speak with anyone from the city of Granbury, but we will. It’s unfortunate that this has become a relationship of adversaries when we should be allies.
Oh, and did we mention? At that same meeting the mayor imposed a State 2 drought watch for Granbury. According to BRA, Lake Granbury and PK Lake were both at 90 percent capacity and there was no BRA drought stages in effect. The mayor just did it to his own folks.