It was a remarkably safe weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake.
Overall, visitors were well behaved — at least well-behaved enough not to have serious injuries.
The rest of the state was not as fortunate as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reported seven drowning deaths, four boating fatalities and two serious injuries over the holiday weekend.
There could have been serious incidents here. There were reports and sightings of PWC operators acting dangerously, and there were small children put in dangerous situations around and on water — no life jackets.
Experts have said children do not call for help when drowning — they are trying to stay above the water and struggling to survive. As a result, a child can go underwater unnoticed. Parents look away for a moment, get distracted by someone or something, look back and the child is gone.
Such has happened at PK Lake — far too often. And once is far too often, but there have been several such situations.
“Jackets Float, Kids Don’t” was started as a result of one such tragedy. The program offers life jackets — on loan — to children. All a parent or child has to do is ask. The program is supported through donations and volunteers. While it is still in its infancy, it is up and running. Those who give of their weekends cannot be thanked enough for donating their time and energy to help keep children safe.
There is another busy weekend or two on the horizon.


Red Bull Cliff Diving and the July 4 holiday should see a number of visitors to the lake, helping keep businesses afloat despite the lower lake levels.
While PK is low, it is still a viable boating and fishing destination with plenty of water for any recreational activity.
But, as always, fun should be tempered with safety always at the forefront. A moment’s inattention, a foolish act or a risky activity can lead to a lifetime of regret.