It is amazing to me how much vandalism occurs on the hike and bike trail, especially on holiday weekends.
I hike part of the trail system every week and see what the general public does to destroy our free-to-use outdoor recreational area.
The Brazos River Authority and Texas Parks and •Wildlife Department cooperated in this joint venture to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, to reduce over-development at the lake and to preserve a unique eco-region known as the Carbonate Cross Timbers of Texas.
It is time to send a message to those who abuse the privilege of using the trails. If you see someone stealing a trail sign for a personal souvenir, tossing litter, writing graffiti, driving ATVs and dirt bikes on the trail or ignoring any of the simple trail rules of etiquette found on the trail brochure, take a picture of the vandalism with your cell phone and turn them in to the BRA by calling a lake ranger at 940-779-2321.
If you qualify as one of the following people, stay home.
• You think trail signs are yours for the taking. After all, you need a free souvenir from PK Lake.
• You toss your beer or soda can on the ground so someone else can recycle it.
• After finishing off your bottle of water, it is too inconvenient to smash it flat and put it in your back pocket to pack it out.


• I should carve or write my name on a rest stop bench at the scenic lookouts so everyone will know I was here.
• I don’t keep my pet on a leash in town so why do so on the trail.
• This a great trail for my ATV and dirt bike. I hope I don’t run into any hikers or trail bikers.
• Because you are a smoker, you think you have the right to toss your cigarette butt anywhere you wish.
• That cactus or wildflower would look great in my backyard. I think I’ll dig it up and take it home with me.
• I can camp and build a campfire anywhere I want. It is a public trail.
If this is your attitude, go somewhere else or vandalize your own property.