The Red Bull Cliff Diving event at Possum Kingdom Lake this week will definitely put the lake and Palo Pinto County on the international map.
As opposed to 2011, when fires put the area in the spotlight, this will be much more positive.
While it is but three days — Thursday through Saturday — the long-term effects could be extremely beneficial by showing the world a spectacular area suitable for family vacations or other events.
The Trifecta Triathlon, bicycle races and some of the holiday events have spurred regional, and in some cases national attention. This will only enhance the image of PK.
PK residents and business owners have no need of being reminded of the importance of good public relations.
Our experience has been that the incidences of rude service or behavior is very rare among those who call PK home. After all it’s a paradise akin to Eden and who could testy here?
So, visitors, enjoy yourselves, be safe and feel free to visit any time.