Where has this year gone?
Here it is, mid-July. In about a month, schools will be back in session. Then comes football, Labor Day, football, Halloween, football, basketball, Thanksgiving, more football and basketball, then Christmas — with more, ya know, football and basketball.
I suppose it’s true, the older we get the faster time flies. One would suppose it’s because we’re on the down hill slope. There is little doubt that gravity has a firm hold — the evidence is far too clear.
It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to slow down although it does get tougher to — and longer — to get the same tasks done. Perhaps it’s because, as we get older, we acquire some wisdom about how to do things. We learn how to do more with less.
Looking back, it’s hard to believe how many years it has been, and the question remains, where did the time go?
There are students entering junior high who see 9/11 as history. While it is, the memory of that remains, burned deeply. It, too, will fade with time.
My father was in World War II, I was born after the war and it was always “ancient history.” It wasn’t for him, it was as fresh as the day he left the Army.
It’s the same now, one would suppose. New generations come along, older ones pass away. It has always been so. Those of us who have the memories of the past have an obligation to those who follow.


That obligation is to relate those stories, relate them enough so they are remembered, for that’s the tie that binds together our families, our nation and our history.
We rely far too much on someone who is “politically correct” writing a history book. Writers have opinions, and those opinions might not fit the facts.
Time slips away, ever so slowly, yet ever so quickly. Use it wisely.