We have the greatest respect for law enforcement, whether the officers on the streets, their supervisors, the court system or the citizen who sees a wrong and reports it.
This county has been blessed with dedicated law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges.
And what follows is not to detract from the dedication so many have shown — and are showing.
But it would seem there are some issues that need to be resolved within the law enforcement community in Palo Pinto County.
It is not to say a finger can be pointed in any one direction and say, “See! That’s their fault!”
Each side of the question has its own issues and there seems to be no middle ground, no give.
The DA’s office wants investigations done a certain way with certain information.
Law enforcement wants to get investigations done as soon as possible — seems there is quite a bit of criminal activity out thereThey believe requiements are met and submit the case. Sometimes those cases are dismissed — it can be frustrating for the investigator.
Is the DA wrong? No, not necessarily. Is law enforcement wrong? No, not necessarily.
But the two sides of law enforcement need to reach some sort of acrimonious agreement with which each can live. No demands here, no “the heck with it” there.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to work together, to make Palo Pinto County a safe and secure place for those who call it home — whatever it takes.