Dear Editor,
Like many others I am sadden by the suicide of an extremely popular entertainer. 
For the next week to 10 days, there will be tributes, previous movies shown, stage performance recordings aired and more.
TV stations have already started interviewing folks suffering from depression with additional thoughts of suicide.
Perhaps, just perhaps, some coverage will be given to the shocking increase in suicides among former veterans. Most have suffered from combat related PTSD. None, for the most part, have ever had a seven-figure income.
In my opinion, only lip service and a few hundred million dollars haw been directed to the God-forsaken VA. Instead of watching another show highlighting another entertainer who overdosed or committed suicide, sit down and write your U.S. senator and congressman and tell them to quit pointing fingers. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault. What matters is taking care of those who have protected us!
Just one former career soldier’s opinion.
Jim McKenzie
Possum Kingdom Lake