One can’t help but wonder if we’re seeing a kinder, gentler Brazos River Authority.
In the last several months, it seems BRA officials have been more open to discussion and sharing information, particularly when it comes to water.
A prime example is this week’s notification that officials would be releasing more water from PK. That notification included an explanation as to why it was necessary.
BRA officials have historically been a close-mouthed group, believing that what  did was right and explanations were unnecessary. We don’t necessarily argue whether what they did was tight or wrong, but ignoring the folks who depend on this lake for a livelihood was not only demeaning, but discourteous.
Perhaps those officials will find that cooperation and understanding work wonders. We find it a welcome change and hope the community does as well.
It is better to work together toward a common goal than to fight over the ways and means of attaining those ends. Communication, in whatever form, goes a long way toward understanding.
There will no doubt, be disagreements, but with understanding, there should be much less rancor.
And for that we are truly grateful.