There has been a lot of talk about water — or rather the lack of it — lately.
However, water shortages are nothing new, particularly for this part of Texas. Everyone refers to the drought of the 1950s as “the drought of record.”
And there was the granddaddy of them all, the Dust Bowl of the ’30s.
As we have mentioned before, state officials said this area was nearing the end of a 20-year drought or in the middle of a 30-year drought. That was the summer of 2011, following the PK Complex fires.
But, in times of plenty, no one concerns themselves about the times of want. When there is plenty of water, everyone wants the lush green yards, the flowering shrubs and the beautiful flower gardens without regard to what it takes to maintain those.
Now, these same folks want to know what can be done to save their landscaping. The answer is simple — water.
We have seen, right here at PK, a blatant disregard for water conservation. Anyone else remember Independence Day weekend last year?
Many ran out of water, not just a small trickle from the faucet, a total lack of anything even resembling a drop.
What can one person do? Conserve and use resources wisely. Each person who uses a little less, contributes to the supply, extending the time in which all will have water. It is after all a “community,” meaning everyone is in the same boat, on dry land, and not needing a paddle.
The time to conserve is not when things are frying up, but preparing for that eventuality, while there is still something to conserve.


Granted, a lot of it is a pain, but the reality is, water is a finite resource as everyone is learning.
We might run out before this is over, but there will come a time when it will once again rain. Let us not forget the lessons we are now learning and be sure to pass them on.